City Transport Hub


Public transport in cities is often an unpleasant experience; gloomy and uninspired shelters, with uncomfortable seating and poor information.

My design for an urban transport hub is designed to solve these problems.
The core structure comprises of two precast concrete structures. These two simple forms provide a form to hold the roof, areas of bench seating and fixing points for a bus ticketing machine.

full drawn scene EDIT9.jpg

The dynamic sweeping form of the roof is made from laminated plywood with glass inserts and metal supports. The construction is maintenance free, with a tough concrete base and gaps in the roof that allow water to drain away easily.

Seating in waiting areas is often the most disliked element of a shelter. Metal seats can be cold and unforgiving and plastic seats age badly. People also really dislike feeling cramped and not having any personal space.

My design allows people have the room to spread out, and have space to put down their belongings.Also seating is grouped into group spaces and indivual spaces for more flexiblity and privacy.The bench seating is clad in teak slats, with hidden water drain holes. This makes them comfortable and enjoyable places in sit.

flexible seating and bicycle parking

Lighting is intergrated into the beams of the roof, and also into the concrete structure. Multiple light sources createsan inviting and safe space to wait, rather than the usual harsh lighting found in waiting areas.

night EDIT1.jpg

intergrated diffused lighting

The shelter features two information screens, one inside the waiting area doubles as a ticketing machine. Both show relevant information such as the next bus to arrive, bus routes from that stop and up to date timetables. They also can be configured to show advertisements when not in use.

network info portrait 2.jpg

screen straight 1.jpg
Ticketing Machine

Inspiration came from the way yacht sails move in the wind