Porsche Design Hard Drive

This external hard drive has been designed for business professionals.
It is light and portable, and ideal for taking files and documents when travelling.

The anodised aluminium tapers to a polycarbonate bumper around the outside.
A line of LEDs along one edge shows users how far through a file transfer is.

Inspirations included Samsonite Luxury Luggage and the design of steel jerrycans.



The underside of the product features silkscreened branding and information, along with four countersunk screws.

usb cable to HDD 07.jpg

Power and data are supplied by a single USB type C cable. A small recessed button to the left of the socket can be used to safety disconnect the drive when in a hurry.

Another feature are a line of LEDs that run down the right edge of the case, as a file transfer is in progress more turn on to show how far through a file transfer is.side transfer lights 2.jpg

When the column of LEDs is fully illuminated the file transfer is complete and the user can safely disconnect the hard drive.

side profile

Tapering edges make the drive appear smaller, and also make it easier to slip into a bag or coat pocket.

hdd duo flip 04.jpg

Also a gloss plastic stand is included so the drive can be used vertically.