Lamy Fountain Pen


Lamy are a pen company based in Heidelberg, Germany. They create affordable, high quality pens that feature unique and stylish industrial design. They focus on creating a substantial and pleasurable writing experience.

The inspiration for the form of the barrel comes from the way that pieces of paper can delicately curl together. The barrel gently twists all the way from the grip section to the top.


The quality of paper makes a big difference to how a fountain pen feels. Cheaper paper provides less resistance and is prone to blotting. Higher weight paper creates a much better experience.

I was inspired by high quality traditional paper making in the textu

lamy logo.png

re of the barrel which features a lined texture, like that found on high quality laid paper. Not only does this accentuate the spiral shape of the barrel but it creates a tactile finish ideal for pen.

Like many of Lamy’s designs, my design is based on the iconic Lamy Safari, which provides an ergonomic triangular grip section, and makes the pen instantly recognisable as a Lamy.

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