Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is bright and fun and has been designed to add a touch of colour and fun to a room. The form was inspired by the shape and look of a candy shell sweets.

The product appeals to children and teenagers with its bright colours and tough design, and also adults that want something fun and funky.

The casing is fully sealed which allows the speaker to be splash-proof and sand and dust resistant, so more practical to leave outside or take camping for example.

An internal battery holds enough charge for a days listening, and can be easily recharged with a reversable USB type C cable. This is good for children as the cable cannot be forced in the wrong way and break the product.

The speaker primarily accepts bluetooth as a source, but also has a 3.5mm input on the front in order to accept older music inputs.

Controls are very simple, with over-sized volume-up and volume-down buttons, a simple slider to turn on and off and a button to scan for new bluetooth devices in the area.

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