Casio f91w watch

The Casio F-91w is an enduring piece of everyday design from 1991, which is still produced today. However, I felt that its design was starting to look dated, so I decided to reimagine it for the modern consumer. I have simplified the design and used more modern typography, but kept the silhouette and utilitarian spirit of the original.

01 grad front.jpg

I used classic modernist sans-serif fonts on the dial in a single colour. I removed all unnecessary text and moved the Casio logo to a more prominent position top centre. I created an unbroken line which surrounds the dial that references the octagonal shape of the original.

02 grad back.jpg

I removed the labelling of the controls of the watch as they are learnt very quickly simply by touch. The back casing features a circle of text that shows all the capabilities of the watch, like can be found on premium mechanical watches.

03 blue front.jpg

The band is silicone so resists sweat and is comfortable for the demands of sport.

03 blue back.jpg